| Official Nitro Network In-Game Rules

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Nitro Network strives to be an enjoyable and safe environment for all those in our community. To achieve this, we have formulated specific rules and corresponding punishments that are enforced by our staff team. If you see an individual neglecting any of the following and there are no staff members present, then please submit a player report here.

The first three offences are listed below each rule for your knowledge and additional violations are internally provided to staff members. All punishments are at the discretion of the staff team as they have been trained to handle every possible scenario. If you feel you were punished for an invalid reason then we ask you to refrain from posting this information anywhere except in your ban appeal.

| Player Disrespect
| 1 Day Ban | 7 Day Ban | 14 Day Ban

We want all our community members to feel safe and welcomed at all times and therefore we consider this our number one rule. This rule includes offences related to bullying, discrimination and harassment. There is a strict zero-tolerance for any forms of the above and those caught in violation will be handled severely. Staff members are trained to settle all player disrespect cases in a fair matter, however, if you feel the situation was misinterpreted then we invite you to explain this in your ban appeal. Please note that these punishment lengths are guidelines but are often modified by staff members based on the level of disrespect.

| Hacked Clients or Blacklisted Modifications
| 7 Day Ban | 30 Day Ban | Permanent Ban

Using a client or modification which creates an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited. If you would like to learn more about what you may or may not use then please visit this thread.

| Abusing Commands, Glitches, and Bugs
| 3 Day Ban | 7 Day Ban | Permanent Ban

If you discover a glitch or bug in any game mode on the network you are required to report it here immediately. Users caught exploiting the server through one of the above will be punished as they are creating an unfair advantage for themselves. This rule also covers the creation of lag machines and command abuse.

| Duplicating
| 7 Day Ban | Permanent Ban

Duplicating is strictly forbidden, as it ruins the economy and provides an unfair advantage to the other players. We categorise this as more severe than abusing bugs.

| Inappropriate Content
| 1 Day Ban | 7 Day Ban | 14 Day Ban

In our network, inappropriate content consists of vulgar messages, builds, sexual and pornographic material (including nicknames and skins), and drug references.

| Inappropriate Content - Usernames
| 30 Day Ban | Permanent Ban

Changing your username is a decision you make and should you decide to make it something inappropriate you will not be welcomed on the Nitro Network server. We cater towards an all-ages community and polluting the chat with vulgar or racist usernames is strictly forbidden. All inappropriate usernames will be sent to a Senior Moderator or higher to ensure the punishment is handed out fairly and correctly. As username changes are only allowed every 30 days you will be banned for this duration but can have this reduced if you appeal with evidence that shows you are able to change your username sooner.

| Inappropriate Content - Swearing
| Warning | 15 Minute Mute | 1 Day Ban

Swearing is prohibited in public chats on all game modes except for KitPvP, Factions, and OPFactions. Whilst the rule is relaxed on these servers we do ask that you always remain respectful towards other members of the community.

Note: Punishment lengths are at the discretion of staff members based on the severity of the offence.

| Chat Disruption - Spamming
| 15 Minute Mute | 1 Hour Mute | 1 Day Ban

Spamming is the repetition of words or phrases in a manner which floods the chat. Whilst staff members are informed to use their best judgement regarding this rule, the general rule of thumb is three repetitions within five seconds.

| Chat Disruption – Character Spam
| Warning | 15 Minute Mute | 1 Day Ban

Character spam is the succession of letters, numbers or symbols in an unnecessary manner. Similarly to the spamming rule, staff members are advised to use their best judgement when handling character spam cases. Examples of this violation include “Who can I tpa to??????????” and “Meeeeeeeeeee”.

| Chat Disruption – Capital Letters
| Warning | 15 Minute Mute | 1 Hour Mute

There is no need to use an excessive amount of capital letters when typing in chat. This is viewed as a chat disruption and users posting an extreme or unnecessary amount of capitalised letters (in a row) in their messages will be punished accordingly.

| Chat Disruption - Impersonation
| 1 Hour Ban | 1 Day Ban | 3 Day Ban

Impersonation is not permitted on the Nitro Network server as it leads to extensive confusion which results in problematic situations. The term impersonation relates to using the command /nick to imitate another player, staff member or figure of significance.

| Chat Disruption – Non-English
| Warning | 15 Minute Mute | 1 Hour Mute

To maintain a chat that can be accurately moderated and understood by all individuals we require that only English be spoken in public chat areas. Should you wish to use another language we invite you to do so in private messages.

| Advertising – Category 1
| Warning | 1 Hour Mute | 1 Day Ban

Category 1 of advertising relates to the posting of links in chat or private messages that are not related to Nitro Network. This includes YouTube and image hosting links.

| Advertising – Category 2
| 1 Hour Mute | 1 Day Ban | 7 Day Ban

Category 2 of advertising relates to the naming or referencing of another server or their respected website in chat or private messages. We consider this more severe than category one because it has the potential to drive members of our community away to another.

| Advertising – Category 3
| 7 Day Ban | 30 Day Ban | Permanent Ban

Category 3 of advertising relates to the linking or sharing of another server's IP address.

| Griefing
| 3 Day Ban | 7 Day Ban | Permanent Ban

Deliberately destroying another community member’s creations is strictly prohibited unless you are playing on Factions or OPFactions. Those caught griefing will be punished and have their actions rolled back accordingly. We also classify stealing another's belongings in this category. Please note that griefing on survival is not punishable if the area affected is unprotected.

| Scamming
| 1 Day Ban | 7 Day Ban | Permanent Ban

Any form of scamming involving real life currency will be handled with a permanent ban. If you fall victim to this please contact a Senior Moderator or higher with your gathered evidence immediately. Scamming in-game includes the placement of fake crate keys, ranks or bank notes in Auction House (/ah).

| TP Killing
| 1 Day Ban | 3 Day Ban | 7 Day Ban

A player is participating in TP killing when they purposely trap another user in a way that prevents them from escaping before being killed. This action is not tolerated across all servers but requires video evidence to be handled. Please submit a detailed player report here if you have experienced this.

| Punishment Evasion - Ban
| Permanent Ban

If you have been banned in-game you are not allowed to use another account to come back online. The only way of getting unbanned sooner is through the ban appeal process.

| Punishment Evasion - Mute
| Temporary Ban (based on duration of initial mute)

Users that find themselves muted in-game may not communicate with others by using signs, books, or plot chat. If you are caught bypassing a mute you will be banned for the remainder of your mute duration. Due to their short duration, mutes are not eligible for appeal.
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